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Buy, Sell and increase your profits with our speed of light Crypto Pump and Bot while minimizing your risk and limiting your losses at the same time. Coins can also be automatically recognized from telegram groups!

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Key Advantages for YOU when you use our paid or FREE Crypto Pump and Dump Bots

Improvment through Feedback from other Users

You don’t know which functions the bot needs?

Then you are right with us! Thanks to the feedback from numerous customers, we have already implemented a large number of useful functions. If you are missing something personally, just write to us!

Enhanced Trading and Execution Speed

Do you still belong to the manual participants?

Hopefully not, because without a bot you have no chance against a bot! With us you are super fast and you can buy faster than everyone else. You can’t be faster manually than the automatic detection from Telegram groups

One-Time Payment instead of Monthly Fees

You don’t want to pay money every month either?

We don’t want that either! Here you pay only once for your pump bot and not hundreds of dollars every year. Pay once and you can use the bot forever with no additional fees.

Easy Handling without Complicated Installation

You are Not an IT or Programming expert?

Then you are right with us! With us, no complex installations or the like have to be carried out. Enter your data for the pump and dump and off you go!

Pricing, Buy and Download

Visit our Shop or learn more about our paid and free Version of the Crypto Pump and Dump Bots

Free Pump Bot

it's really free
0 No Payment at all
  • Fast Entry and Order Execution
  • Your Coins are Safe
  • Many Exchanges
  • For Testing
  • Easy to Use

Pump Bot Basic

Basic Version
249 One Time Payment
  • Fast Entry and Order Execution
  • Your Coins are Safe
  • Many Exchanges
  • Easy to Use
  • Unlimited Use
  • FREE Updates

Pump Bot Telegram

Pump Bot with Telegram Automation
339 One Time Payment
  • Pump Bot Basic
  • Fast Entry and Order Execution
  • Your Coins are Safe
  • Many Exchanges
  • Easy to Use
  • Safety Functions (Limit and Stop-Loss Order, Pre-Pump Protection)
  • Get the coin automatically from Telegram Groups
  • Unlimited Use
  • FREE Updates
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Get your own Pump Bot right now and be faster than all other participants and hence increase your profits!

Free Pump and Dump Bot

We offer a Free Version of the Pump Bot for alle Exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Bittrex and so on for Windows and Mac (macOS, also Apple M1)

Download and Key Advantages of our Free Pump Bot. This of course also applies to our other Pump and Dump Bots

Fast Order Execution

Do you want your orders to be executed quicker than others?

The Free Pump and Dump Bot was developed in such a way that your orders are executed extremely quickly

No need to look for Coin

Don’t want to do five clicks before you’ve found the chart for the coin?

Then you are right here. You make all the settings beforehand and then only have to enter the announced coin and you can buy directly. So you are faster than the other manual buyers.

For many Exchanges

Are you looking for a bot for more than just an exchange? Our free version can be used for all common exchanges. These include Binance, Bitmex, Bittrex, KuCoin and many more. All exchanges with just one bot.

Easy to Use

You want a plug and play bot that doesn’t need any installation?

Our free version as well as all other bots are simple applications that do not require any installation. Download, double-click, enter parameters and off you go!

We offer a Free Pump Bot Version

Are you wondering why we offer a free version?

There are two reasons for this. On the one hand, we want to offer everyone a better chance. On the other hand, we can show you that you can trust our bots and that they really do what we say here. Still not convinced? Then talk to us.

Your Coins are Safe

You want a plug and play bot that doesn’t need any installation?

The security of your wallet and your coins is entirely up to you! Why? If you only give permission to trade when creating your API keys, nobody can steal your coins. As simple as that.

Get your own Free Crypto Pump Bot now!

Want to be faster and make more profits? Enter your email and we will email you your download link to your FREE Crypto Pump and Dump Bot.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about our pump bots and the most important questions from our previous customers

No they cant! When you generate the API Keys you need to select the permissions. Just give the permissions where you allow “to trade” via the API Keys and no one can withdraw or send your coins anywhere.

The bot is a one-time payment and has no additional monthly costs. Other providers charge more than $ 50 a month, which is $ 600 every year! That’s why we decided to make a one-time payment with no additional fees.

The Bot is a simple .exe-file which you have to start via cmd or double clicking it. 🙂 

The Bot is developed to be as fast as possible. So you only need to enter the coin to be bought. The typical speed of your Pump Bot is less than 0.2 seconds after you entered the cryptocurrency which should be bought.

In total: you need less than 1 seconds for everything! The “Pump Bot Telegram Lite” is even faster, because you dont need to enter the coin. But more on that in “How to Use”.

Yes, we have many Testimonials for your Bot. Just scroll down and the see the Testimonials we got.

Before you can pruchase the Bot you have to contact us, because every Bot is individual made for you. This way we can make little changes you wish. 

You don’t need to install any programs at all! The Bot is plug and play. Save it to your computer and double click it to start. That’s it.

There are currently two different Versions of the Bot. One is made only for Binance while the other can be used for every other exchange like Bittrex, Kucoin, Binance and many more.

The Bot is currently available for Windows, Ubuntu 20.04 and for macOS (includes Apple M1 Mac).

Yes, we have automatic coin recognition for public Telegram groups or channels. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible with Discord servers or groups.

Do you have any further questions, ideas or suggestions? Then just write to us on Discord and we will take care of your request personally.


This project started on Fiverr and therefore we have received a lot of positive feedback from happy customers.

His program is perfect. You can trust this seller =)
He's very nice and good communication. Helped me alot with installation and explaination.
excellent seller, he was fast and very clear, offers affordable prices for quality bots, I also had some problems with PC and he mangaed to solve all my Problems XD, amazing ... for anything else I will ask him 😀 recommend to everyone
Super tolle Kommunikation, der Verkäufer hat sich Zeit genommen um mir alles zu erklären. Würde ich weiter empfehlen.! (Eng.: Super great communication, the seller took the time to explain everything to me. I would recommend it to others.!)
Seller knows what he is doing and will customize the app to work on your exchange
United States
Fast communication, fast delivery. Product is very professional and would suggest this seller to anyone!
The seller was very kind and answered every single Question I had. I will recommend him to my friends!